of Pandaria is, as we all
know by now, is the brand new World of Warcraft expansion. This new WoW
expansion and its panda filled goodness has managed to evoke some
strong feelings in the gaming community, drawing a line cleaning
between those that love the concept and those that hate it. However,
regardless of if you love or hate the idea of the newest WoW expansion,
one thing holds true for almost every loyal Blizzard fan; we all have
our own personal wish lists for what we hope Mists of Pandaria will
bring to our beloved game.

From more PvP features to epic
new raids the contents of these lists of hopes and dreams for the new
WoW expansion are as varied as the players themselves. Some of these
wishes will be fulfilled, but most will likely never come to fruition,
but we are all allowed to dream. Below you will find a slice of my own
personal new expansion wish list filled with the things that would make
my Mists of Pandaria expansion experience truly epic:

New WoW Expansion Wish #1 -
Public Quests/Outdoor

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of more outdoor bosses.

Taken straight from the pages
of games such as Warhammer Online and Rift public quests and outdoor
bosses would not only provide reason for players to once again head out
into the wilds of Azeroth, but would also add some extra spice to the
game. While public quests have never been seen before in
WoW, outdoor
bosses have. If you are a long time player you probably have gotten a
group together to head out and take down an outdoor boss. Sometimes you
were successful, while other times your kill would be stolen or perhaps
you would engage in some epic world PvP.

Public quests are much the same
idea, players would head off into the unknown and come across a huge
battle. You jump in, have fun, and collect the rewards. Perhaps player
could even earn achievements for the bosses giving extra incentive to
take them down. Outdoor bosses and public quests a like should, in my
opinion, be a must have for the next WoW expansion. Will Blizzard see
things the way I do? We will have to wait and see.

New WoW Expansion Wish #2 -
Blood Elf and Draenei Love

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Elves and Draenei need love too!

The man (in this case the
“man” in question referrers to Blizzard) has kept
Blood Elves and Draenei down for much too long and its time we rise up
and riot against the shackles of unfairness that have thus far held
both races down. Well…maybe we can skip the rioting, but if
you’re a fan of the Blood Elves or Draenei then, like me, you
are hoping that in the newest WoW expansion Blizzard will finally get
around to fixing up the starting zones for both races.

If you are wondering what is
wrong with these two zones then you obviously have never had the
displeasure of making your way through them as a brand new Blood Elf or
Draenei. In short, these two zones suck and by suck I mean terrible,
awful, horrid, and repulsive. While all other starting zones have seen
vast improvements these two starting zones have been literally left to
rot and have not seen changes since they were first implemented. Sure
the Burning Crusade expansion was kind of terrible, but I think its
time we stopped punishing the Blood Elves and Draenei for it! So since
I believe that no one should be turned off of a race simply because its
starting zone is full of fail, lets hope that both starting zones will
see a total revamp in the next WoW expansion.

New WoW Expansion Wish #3 -
Guild Perks

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Guild Perks please!

could I would /hug them every single day and that’s why I
want to see more of them in Mists of Pandaria, next WoW expansion. The
problem with guild perks is that once you managed to make it to the top
tier and Guild Resurrection is within your grasp, the guild perks run
out and you are left wanting more. Not only did
they make doing quests
and other inane tasks seem worth the effort, but they are pretty useful
when it gets down to it.

Besides their obvious uses,
guild perks also made being in a guild worthwhile, which is very
important in an age where maintaining a guild has become harder than
ever. This is why the addition of more guild perks has it’s
own special spot on my WoW expansion wish list. With that being said we
can’t go adding guild perks all willy nilly like either. New
guild perks in the next WoW expansion need to be well thought out and
worth working for but not so overpowered that they will cause Qqing all
over the interwebs. Find the perfect combination of the two and those
will be the guild perks of tomorrow.

New WoW Expansion Wish #4 -
Phased Zones

style="padding: 10px; float: right; width: 250px; text-align: center;"> href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/204612" target="_blank"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/204612/preview"
Isle of Quel'Danas kicked off the phasing trend.

The next WoW expansion needs
more phased zones. I know many of you are inwardly moaning and maybe
even cursing my name for even mentioning such a thing, but hear me out.
While there were a few (and by few I mean many) problems with the
phased zones, the overall concept was a good one. So for a second
forget the annoyance of trying to mine nodes that would vanish before
you could gather the ore, or attempting to search out a player only to
discover they weren’t in the same phase as you and try to see
the beauty of the phased zone

A great example of the beauty
of phased zones lies on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Here as
players completed quests they could see a visible change on the island.
Enemies retreated, buildings were restored, and portals opened. As a
result of these changes the player was totally immersed in the game
world, empowered by their ability to actually see the fruits of their
labors come to life before their very eyes. This is why I say bring on
the phased zones in the next WoW expansion, because lets face it,
unphased zones are just plain boring in comparison

New WoW Expansion Wish #5 -
Faction Swapping

style="padding: 10px; float: right; width: 250px; text-align: center;"> href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/204614" target="_blank"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/204614/preview"
faction...without changing race.

If you’re thinking
“faction swapping…we can already do
that!“ you would be partially correct. Every player currently
has the option to change factions for a small fee. The catch is that in
order to change factions you must also change your race. This is a real
bummer for those of us who are partial to one particular race or
another. However, things may be about to change, or at least I'd like to
hope they are.

As we all know Mists of
Pandaria, the next WoW expansion, will for the first time in the
history of Azeroth introduce players to a race that can be played by
both Horde and Alliance. If this new race is successful perhaps in the
future we will be able to change factions without changing our beloved
race. Why can’t a Blood Elf decide to work for the Alliance,
or a Human for the Horde, similar situations happen in real life all
the time. To achieve this the player could simply complete quests to
gain reputation with the other faction, much like one would do with the
Bloodsail Buccaneers. Allowing this would give a whole new dimension to
the game. So as unlikely as it may be I’m crossing my fingers
for faction changes (preferably without a fee) that don’t
require a change of race in the next WoW expansion.

Every WoW player is different
and as such each of our wish lists will contain vastly different items.
Can you see the items on my personal wish list finding themselves into
the next WoW expansion? Share your thoughts on my list and share your
own in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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