By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

The developers behind Fallen
have been working double-time to put a new face on
their post-apocalyptic game. They have majorly overhauled the graphics,
providing better dynamic lighting, deeper details, and upgraded

Fallen Earth, LLC. has just released a preview of all the latest
developments for their game. As usual, Ten Ton Hammer has the scoop.

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images of Watch Tower

Over the
past six months, the Fallen Earth team has implemented new production
processes which have allowed for improved product quality and a
streamlined development schedule. Colin Dwan, who was promoted from
Lead Engineer to Project Manager, said, “Fallen Earth has great
technology and tons of content, but we needed to put a stake in the
ground about all the features that were absolutely necessary to ship
with. Now that we’ve finalized that long list, we’ve been able to spend
all of our time making those features really fun.”

The Fallen Earth Art Department focused on an in-depth upgrading of the
game’s overall appearance, improving textures, animations, and
enriching the overall “look” of the game. Human models have been
completely revamped, and newly added creatures include giant
genetically engineered super soldiers and vicious killer fungi.
Volumetric fog has been added and many towns have been completely
rebuilt to take advantage of new building models and ecosystem options.

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Bramby Mine

The Fallen Earth team has created a variety of new vehicle models from
muscle cars to motorcycles to ATVs. They have also enhanced the vehicle
combat system using the same basis as player-based combat so players
will be able to attack from their vehicles, be it with pistols from a
motorcycle or dual-mounted machine guns from a muscle car.

The core functionality players expect from an MMO, such as raids,
clans, auction house, and a mail system, are now up and running in
Fallen Earth. Players can combine their efforts in raids of up to four
groups or thirty-two players, allowing them to tackle larger threats
and compete more effectively in PvP activities. Clans allow players to
form large social groups with a number of different ranks, each with
its own configurable name and permission list. The auction house system
allows players to sell goods to each other with ease, and to search the
auction house for items needed for a specific recipe. The mail system
enables players to easily stay in contact and trade goods among
themselves through the vigilant efforts the Franklin’s Riders, the
postal service within Fallen Earth.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016