There is something very cool about loading up a game and rushing to get moving so that you can meet up and play with your own kid. It adds a whole new way of spending time together as a family! Grimwell talks about his son and the joy of rolling just one more alt in the name of family time.

Last month my son finally discovered EQII. We upgraded our computer situation and he could play it instead of watching me on my computer. He was very happy to finally join me in the game, and rolled through about a dozen characters before finding his groove with the SK in the picture above. Then he started leveling, fast. Very fast. When he hit 20th level, I moved my character from Kelethin to Gorowyn to join him in his preferred home and start mentoring.

I'll spare everyone the "Awww..isn't that cute!?" routine. Truly though, it is nice when our own Community Dude finds the perfect way of blending game and parenting, particularly to teach something as fundamental as gaming. *wink*

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016