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Blade's Edge Mountains

Blade's Edge Mountains is a unique yet dangerous zone located in the NW corner of the Outlands. This level 65+ area is home to some of the most stunning terrain in the game.

The first glimpse of this terrain comes as you traverse either of the two caverns leading into the area from Zangarmarsh. Each of these tunnels is guided by dangerous creatures.

Nagrand Map

The tunnel leading north from Oberor Harborage is full of spiders. If you can make it past these troublesome arachnids, you will be on the road that leads straight through the Living Grove and into the alliance night elf village of Sylvanaar.

The other tunnel from Zangarmarsh ends in open jaws, as it is guarded by the Den Mother. This humongous wolf is surrounded by several of her offspring and loves to snap up unsuspecting travelers without hesitation. However, should you manage to squeeze past her, you will be on the road that leads straight to the horde settlement,Thunderlord Stronghold.

Both of these towns contain a graveyard, a flightpath, questgivers and vendors to help make your adventures easier.

Thunderlord Stronghold


Bloodmaul Ravine separates the two towns. This sharp-edged canyon has been the downfall to many dragons, no doubt the handiwork of Gruul the Dragonslayer. Gruul's Lair lies in the north-most part of the ravine. It's a dangerous place to try to reach because the ravine is filled from top to bottom with some of the meanest ogres in the game.

Baron Sablemane, at the Circle of Blood Arena, relates his hatred of Gruul and his seven sons. In my adventures, I only came across three of his sons. The first was found in the Cursed Hollow, the second was pacing along the stealthed-spider infested Scalewing Shelf. The last son was seen just outside the entrance to Gruul's Lair. These giant level 70 elites are mean and viscious. They have no qualms about stomping anyone who gets in their way.

Should you get the urge to do some stomping yourself, the Circle of Blood Arena is handy and the Steamwheedle Fighting Circuit goblins are more than willing to sign up eager participants to a bloodbath, er, I mean arena match.

The Cenarion Expedition has set up a refuge in the middle of Ruuan Weald. Evergrove is an excellent place to restock, repair and pick up a few quests. There's also a flight path available.

Just west of Evergrove is the Wyrmskull Bridge. This is a staging area for the Cenarion Expedition fighters who are readying to make a stand against the wyrmcultists who are threatening their mission to reestablish the balance of nature in the mountains.


Wyrmskull Bridge

Blackwing Coven

The Wyrmskull Tunnel leads to Raven's Wood, home of the Grishna, the Boulder'mok ogres and the Blackwing Coven.

Leeroy Jenkins and the Pals for Life crew would have a field day inside the Blackwing Coven. This cavern is full of level 67+ dragonkin, and (you guessed it) their eggs. Don't touch the eggs, they break!

Dragons can also be found on the opposite side of the map. IN the southeast corner of Blade's Edge, you can find the Singing Ridge. This crystal-lined ridge borders Death's Door and is full of some of the prettiest blue dragons in the game. Don't let their appearance fool you, they are deadly.

For the Alliance, the gnome settlement of Toshley's Station is available for refuge from these blue beauties. At Toshley's Station you can vendor, repair, watch flaming gnomes tinker with contraptions that do Blizzard-only-knows-what, pick up a few quests or hop a griffon elsewhere.

Toshley's Station

Singing Ridge

The horde also have a settlement, Mok'Nathal Village, located in the Vekhaar Stand just east of Scalewing Shelf.

There are two areas in the Blade's Edge Mountains that look to be only accessible by way of flying mount. These are the Vortex Pinnacle to the west and the Crystal Spine to the north. One can only imagine the dangers and adventures that these areas hold.

Once you've had your fill of Blade's Edge, the road north from Razor Ridge will lead you past a Naaru encampment and a demon-filled forge camp to an engineered bridge that will allow you to enter the swirling-violet pestilence that is the Netherstorm.

Words alone cannot adequately describe this unique region. So, to help the image along, we have provided you with an entire gallery of screenshots: Blade's Edge Mountains Gallery

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016