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With Winter's Veil long behind us, it
seems like a great time to sit back and congratulate ourselves on a
gift giving season well done. That is until heart-shaped decorations
start appearing, rose petals float through the air, and a strange
creepy Goblin in a diaper points his arrow at your heart. Then we run
about trying to pick out that very special in-game gift for that
player who is closest to our heart.

If you are one of the many who are
struggling to come up with an epic gift idea for tomorrow's
Valentine's Day celebration, know you are not alone. Giving a unique
in-game gift can be difficult, especially considering every other
player has access to exactly the same items you do. However, that
doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Below you will find five great gift
ideas sure to make that special someone's heart go pitter-patter.

Love Letters

People today seem to underestimate the
value of the written word. While giving your love interest a
handwritten note is pretty impossible, you can send one of the typed
variety. Compose a sonnet, a poem, or even just a simple letter.
Reflect on what you like about that person, a favorite memory, or a
funny experience that brought you together.

Remember to write directly from your
heart. Don't worry about sounding silly, just let things flow and be
yourself. While this may seem like an overly simple gift, sometimes
those are the ones that end up meaning the most. So sit down and get
writing, love won't be in the air forever!

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Handpicked Outfits

Clothing (usually of the sexy variety)
is a commonly given real life Valentine's Day gift and it translates
pretty well into game. Transmogrification is all the rage in World of
Warcraft and even if they don't want to convert their gear full time,
many players like to play dress up. The possibilities for clothing
choices in game are literally endless.

In fact, players have devoted entire
blogs to the subject. The best part? You never have to worry about
the clothing fitting! Pick something that matches your special
someone's personality or something a little more risqué. Your
companion is sure to be pleased and you will get the added bonus of
seeing them strut their stuff in attire you personally selected just
for them.


Nothing says love quite like jewelry
and World of Warcraft has more than it's fair share of it. Players
can find their extra special someone some pretty neat rings in Booty
Bay from Qixdi Goodstitch. Qixdi offers up six unique ring choices
for all tastes and budgets, including “The Rock”. Or you can also
head to Shattrath and seek out Haris Pilton who carries several
items, like the Gold Eternium Band that just oozes true love. Jewelry
is an especially good choice if paired with an epic in-game proposal.
Wink, wink.

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A Memento of Past Adventures

If you are looking for a gift that
maybe is a little off the beaten path, but still special, considering
giving a memento from your past. It can be anything in the game that
dredges up fond memories, big or small, expensive or cheap. Just
make sure it means something to both of you.

For example, if you fell for each other
after wiping on Onyxia for two weeks straight, consider creating an
[Onyxia Scale Cloak] to your sweetie to remember that moment. This is
the kind of gift that just oozes romance without being totally in
your face about it. Everyone loves to remember good times, especially
when they are with someone you care about.


Mounts and pets are always great gift
ideas, no matter the occasion and the Love is in the Air celebration
is no exception. However, since this gift is likely for an extra
special someone, you are going to have to go above and beyond the
normal call of duty to make it special. You can't just go get a pet
from a vendor, oh no. You, see part of the greatness of the gift is
the effort you put into it.

This means picking a pet or mount that
takes a little work to obtain. A great example is the Captured
Firefly from Zangarmarsh. It is a beautiful pet, but bloody hard to
get. With a drop rate of about .01%, you are going to have to kill a
lot of bugs to pick up this little guy. As far as mounts go, the
Mechano-hog is the way to go. This mount takes time, effort, and a
significant amount of cash to create. No one can fail to be impressed
by that kind of effort.

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That wraps up my top 5 Love is in the
Air gift ideas. Sure, there are a ton more gift options than the ones
I listed above, but these will get you started down the right path. I wish
you luck and at least a little romance on this very special
holiday. What will you be giving that special in-game someone on
Valentine's Day? What gifts have you given or been given in the past?
Help those with less than stellar gift giving skills some help by
posting your personal gift giving ideas in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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