Everyone needs a good laugh sometimes, especially after a tough day at
work, or being forced to sleep on the couch because you decided to raid
instead of attending your in-laws’ anniversary
dinner. A hearty laugh is something we all should take part in from
time to time, and what better way to achieve that than to incorporate
something we all love; World of Warcraft. WoW comics are literally
everywhere, scattered across the internet like stars in the night sky
and finding one to fit your personal style can be a difficult task.
Join us this week as Mem shares some of his favorite WoW web comics in
the hopes that garner enjoyment from them as well.

While it is true that
there is a WoW web comic out there for just about
anyone, searching for and actually finding the perfect comic
to fit your particular type of humor can turn out to be a difficult and
daunting task indeed. I have several personal favorites
myself, and while I sometimes neglect to check them out on a regular
basis they are always great for when I need an extra laugh.

Prepare to laugh at these href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/wow/editorials/four_great_comics"
target="_blank">Four Great WoW Comics in 3...2.…1.…

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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Amunet, also fondly known as Memtron, is an organic life form best known for its ongoing obsession with Blizzard Entertainment's numerous properties. To that end, Amu has authored hundreds (thousands?) of the most popular World of Warcraft guides, editorials, and Top 10 lists on the planet. When not gaming and writing, Amu is busy chasing after her three children in a perpetual loop of ongoing disaster.