Free Realms frees up space in it's beta, for you!

SOE's free-to-play teen/tween MMO Free Realms has a new website and a big button in the middle that says "Sign up for Beta!" The game that is part of the triumvirate of SOE next-gen MMOs (along with The Agency and DC Universe Online) coming out sometime in the next few years appears to be the first ready for beta. The version of Free Realms I saw at SOE's Fan Fest earlier this year was very polished and had a significant amount of content, so I hold out high hopes.

And while this game may not appeal to the smash-mouth MMO gamers, this title could be a bridge between those of us willing to shell out monthly subs and our friends and family that won't. Who knows, this game could be the next big bridge game that brings more people to MMOs.

So go to Free Realms' new website and sign up today. One nifty note for those of us with Station IDs - you can sign up for the beta with a log in and password instead of the usual beta sign up inquisition.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016