You're Gonna Miss Grandma
When She's Gone

With the financial frustrations many Americans are having, giving up
your pay to play MMOG accounts may seem like a smart choice. But is
turning to free to play MMOGs the answer? Are free to play MMOGs really
free? Ten Ton Hammer's resident humorist and editorial master Coyote
has voice his own thoughts on the topic in his second editorial of the
week titled "Free to Play MMOGs: Can You Afford Them?" You'll laugh, I

weeks later you're knifing your grandmother and selling her pacemaker
on eBay to cover your alt habit. You've lost all of your teeth, you
smell like the horror side of a hobo's boxers and your beard makes you
look like Tom Hank's body double from Castaway. Your family life is
shattered, your social life is a memory, and your grandmother looks
like she went three rounds with a face hugger and lost.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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