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Since its release in October, Fury has been under a seemingly constant
barrage of scrutiny from the industry press (except for our own Jeff
Woleslagle's positive first impression review of the game). Whether
it's horribly scored reviews or rumors about potential staff layoffs,
the press seems like they're hell bent on crucifying the entire Auran
development team. Still, the Auran staff has forged on and are
preparing to release their first major update to the game, titled the
Age of the Chosen.

With major enhancements to the armor, GUI, and general gameplay in
Fury, the developers are hoping that Age of the Chosen will allow
gamers to truly enjoy the Fury experience. To learn more about the
upcoming expansion, the Ten Ton Hammer staff shot the Auran developers
a list of questions, which Adam Carpenter and Cameron McNeil deftly
answered. Check out their answers and hear about the huge number of
improvements Auran is bringing to the game!

Cameron: We received a lot of feedback about the
equipment system.
Mainly that it involved too much grind and created a large disparity
between the haves and the have-nots. We've gone back and reviewed both
the power level of the items and each individual enchantment that can
appear on them and as a result item power and equip cost are now much
more closely aligned. These changes create a system that is easier for
new players to understand and provide advanced players with more
meaningful choices when deciding between items and abilities.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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