PC Games Travels to Australia

PC Games recently made the trek down under to talk with the folks at Auran. Lead Designer Adam Carpenter took some time to answer questions about Fury.

Is Fury really much different from all the other MMOs out there? What aspects of the game will make long-time RPG fans want to shell out their hard-earned cash?

I’d really have to say that the question is not “Is Fury much different…”, it’s “Does Fury have any similarities…”.

Fury is fundamentally a PVP game, but ours is not like PVP in other MMOs where ganking and unfair tactics run rampant. Fury is more like a sports game where competition between players is not only expected but desired. War Zone battles pit two equally skilled teams against each other in a competition to prove who the better team is. Like sports, there are no extreme penalties for losing and whether you win or lose, you advance and can do better in the next fight.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016