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The folks over at Stratics recently interviewed Adam Carpenter about
the upcoming slash and burn PVP MMOG, Fury:

One of the unique qualities of Fury is the customization you give to
players. While not unlimited, it does exist in the form of things such
as armor dyes, element specializations, and incarnations. Do you intend
to provide more player custom content in the future? If so, can you
give us any insight into what direction you hope to take with that?

Fury is all about customization and not being locked into a rigid class
or potentially gimped by a choice you made months or even years ago.
You can basically customize and change your avatar’s setup
any time you want. One of our core design mandates has always been,
never force players to make binding choices that might cripple their
character later. Down the road, we’ll continue to add
gameplay mechanics that extend a player’s ability to
customize their avatar. The exact route we take will be up to the
player’s themselves.

Head over to Stratics for href="http://www.stratics.com/php-bin/show_content.php?content=24180">more.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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