Exclusive Video Interview with Chris "Binky" Launius - Part II

Join Gods & Heroes Community Manager Chris "Binky" Launius for a sneak peek inside Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising as Chris shows us what will make players visually unique and compelling in Perpetual Entertainment's end of summer 2007 launch title. Managing player expectations before open beta presents a challenge with heady consequences for any CM, and Chris also weighs in on how to handle the hype and stamp out the hyperbole while fostering a vibrant pre-launch community.

"Few can say that they've done their particular job for as long as a job's been in existence, but Chris Launius, popularly known as Binky, owns that distinction. Chris, now the Community Manager for Gods & Heroes, began his career working with Origin Systems working with the Ultima Online community at the dawn of the MMORPG (circa 1997 - makes you feel old, doesn't it?). Turnover is as common as 9-page flame wars in the Community Relations niche, but Chris defied the percentages and remained a one MMO man until coming to join Perpetual on their highly anticipated blend of classical myth, legend, and lore: Gods & Heroes."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016