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style="font-style: italic;">GamersFirst reloading APB with updated content and payment models.

With the recent announcement that APB (All Points Bulletin) will be getting a second chance with free-to-play publisher GamersFirst came a lot of questions. Game Informer recently got the chance to get a few answers to some of the questions raised about the acquisition and what GamersFirst subsidiary Reloaded Productions will be doing to address some of the issues that plagues the short-lived shooter following its June launch. To start with, Reloaded Productions has a nearly complete patch from Realtime Worlds that includes work on the Chaos free-for-all ruleset, headshots and more to help get started.

Wholly owned development subsidiary Reloaded Productions is handling development, and has a nearly complete patch previously developed by Realtime Worlds to start with. The work that RTW had done on the much-talked about Chaos free-for-all ruleset and toward adding headshots and other combat enhancements is owned by the GamersFirst now as well, so you can expect to see movement on that front. GamersFirst is aware of the problems with shooting, driving, matchmaking and more, and intends to address them.

APB, under its new name APB: Reloaded, will transition from its former unique billing model to a free-to-play version with premium features. This will include leasing weapons and purchasing "premium" status for expanded creation tools, but basic gameplay will remain free. It's unclear whether or not players will be able to retrieve their previous characters as certain legal issues are involved in obtaining the database.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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