Gamespy got a sneek peek at Warhammer Online last week and brought back a plethora (yes I know what it is) of impressions. The first part of their coverage gave an in depth look at the how the loot system works in relation to Public Quests and why it's like a trip to Vegas. They also go into the plunger system providing players who worm their way into unintended areas a tiny reward for their efforts.

Getting loot, of course, is a major activity in most MMO's. Why else would you place your avatar's precious skin in the way of large scaly monstrosities with poor impulse control and entirely too many teeth? What the team wondered was could the looting process be made "jazzier" -- a sort of gameplay continuation of the fun the players have during actually combat? The answer was they could. The inspiration for how to do that came to Creative Director Paul Barnett on a recent trip to Las Vegas.

Find their entire preview over at Gamespy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016