The "Journey" continues

Simutronics took a break from Hero's Journey to show their new dev tools at GDC this year. HeroEngine is the most robust suite of MMO development tools we saw at the show, but thanks to Erik Slick we got the skinny on the present state of Hero's Journey as well.

What's new for GDC: we got a first glimpse at the Hero's Journey character design wizard. Aside from the ability to tweak the hair, face, and body in just about any conceivable way (including sliders for aging and masculinity / feminity apart from gender selection), you needn't feel limited to any one of the elven, dwarven, and human races. A slider adds any level of humanity to your dwarf or elf character. HeroEngine even allows players to create a face from their own photograph, though this feature may or may not be released with Hero's Journey.

Check out this interview with Simutronics' Erik Slick to see how Hero's Journey is progressing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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