One way Sony Online Entertainment connects with their fans is through Station Blogs. Adding to the lineup PoxNora's Greenie ASDF(David) introduces himself and blogs about the joys of tickets and support.

I recently found out about this new craze sweeping the world and thought I would try my own hand at the blogs…

Anyway! What do I do? It’s so hard to quantify, in short, I am the glue that holds together this company. You guessed it! I work in the QA department, though I also double in the company as a muse to get the creativity sparkin’ for others..

I’ve included the photo of myself for your viewing pleasure so you can all imagine what it would look like if the Predator was gonna try and snipe me. ( oh iMac Photobooth, I love thee so.)

Feel free to Photoshop my image in controversial poses with any assortment of internet or pox characters.

Things are going good so far on the SOE Tucson side, the amount of support we have received from Sony is pretty good and it seems like that will only translate into good things in the future for you, the players!

In summation, did anyone else see Jessica Simpson lately? man she let herself go!

Qwerty and I deal with some of the support side as well. I was asked to mention a few things that might help us, help you! So my Maguiren advice for you all is when submitting a bug/support ticket, make sure that you include step-by-step details! Even things that may seem trite, actually do help us in diagnosing the problem. Another thing to remember is if you submit a ticket, and the nature of your dilemma requires a back and forth between us, please respond to the same ticket and do not create a new ticket – to maintain a healthy back and forth. Failing to do this is when bad things happen.

Random Awesome Cool Pox Player:
Help me oh glorious greenies! I gots a problem! I got in a game then my screen blew up!

Friendly, wise, Greenie with a Winning Smile:
We’ll get to the bottom of this! Did you check the blah-blah-biddity-boo?

4 days pass until the pox user is able to respond but does so by creating an additional, new ticket. One of the greenies then checks the support box, but has no idea of the players prior ticket and/or issue and is thoroughly confused. This then forces us to go back and try to hunt down the previous ticket, which only adds a delay to your issue!

Another thing to mull over if you are ever struck by a nefarious bug, here’s how we’d prefer you detail your issue. It may sound obvious and you might think, OMG asdf, I’m not 4! I know how to write a simple message but, most people actually don’t get this right on, certain things you may not think of that could hinder a good response time.

Lets say, for the sake of the discussion, that you have an issue in game where all the graphics are seriously distorted or you are seeing weird colors everywhere, then you submit a ticket about the issue. This first ticket is *not* a good way to report your problem!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016