It's Harder Than We Think

The grind is a much talked about phenomena in MMOGs, and The Hollywood Reporter has brought three very public MMOG figureheads to discuss how to get rid of the "drudgery". Paul Hyman, the reporter on the story, asked Mike Wallis, Joe Ybarra, and Phil Shenk to discuss the future of MMO gaming and how they can avoid the "grind".

"I think gamers yearn for the wild early days of the original 'Ultima Online' when you were able to leave the confines of a protected city, wander around the wilderness, and encounter other players who may or may not be friendly. It got your heart pumping, your adrenaline flowing; that's the sort of unrestricted PvP action we intend to provide."

You can read the rest of HR's story by clicking here. If you're interested in more info from Ybarra and Wallis, you can check out some recent interview from them by going here and here.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016