Getting Started in Tabula Rasa

The highly anticipated beta for Richard Garriott's Tabula has begun and many are joining the ranks of brave Allied Free Sentients (AFS) to stop the incursion of the Bane. As Earth's last chance AFS will fight to the very end and never surrender. Every good solider needs training and that is exactly what Ten Ton Hammer is here to provide. For that purpose you'll be joining veteran Gunnery Sergeant York teaching you everything you need to know about getting started.

"Listen up maggots! My name is Gunnery Sergeant York and you WILL refer to me as "SIR." For the duration of this tutorial I am your mother, father, and god! I have turned thousands of you worthless piles of human waste into the finest fighting machines this universe has ever seen and you will be no exceptions to my pristine record. I've seen some raggedy excuses for soldiers but you girls take the god damn cake. ARE YOU EYEBALLIN' ME? No? I didn't think so. This is war ladies and while it makes me sick to my delicate stomach, you may be part of Earth's last hope so pay attention! First up you WILL download the beta client which can be found here. Install it using Windows standard operating procedure (SOP) and read EVERYTHING it states or you WILL face the consequences. ARE WE CLEAR?

Character Creation

Well, Well. It seems they didn't send me a complete set of knuckle draggers this go around. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it. THIS is your character creation screen. In the real military we would shave your ugly head making it so your own mama couldn't pick one of you pansies out of your squad. This is what God and the army intended!

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Pay attention! This will NOT be repeated!

Unfortunately desperate times have relaxed the military grooming standards but don't break out your little girl dresses yet maggot. The first thing you need to do is type in your name if you can remember it. All your characters WILL be identified with your last name so any of you wise-asses using Uberleet is going to taste my size 10 after I put it up your backside.

Your next options will involve picking how your gear looks. While you can prance around like a ballet dancer all you want nancyboy, this is how you will look in the game. You WILL be expected to wear combat gear befitting a solider but it does NOT make you one. Select your options and choose your colors. Pink and purple might match your nail polish ladies, but that's all the Bane need for a good bulls eye.

That completes your SOP for character creation. "But Gunny, what about our class?" Your don't GET a class in this game because you will EARN it like a soldier maggot! You WILL now make your way to basic where we will teach you HOW to survive with combat and interface so you may return home to your mommy's. MOVE IT! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!

Introductory Combat/Interface

Alright LISTEN UP maggot! Now that you are done prettying yourself up we'll start with your basic training. This is the standard combat and interface for all AFS recruits. Failure to pay attention WILL result in the death of you and your squad. Your dropship will insert you at the designated LZ (landing zone) for operational deployment. Enemy contact is expected to be minimal but weapons are free from this point forward. Keep your eyes open and your mouths SHUT.

The controls for the game are using the "W A S and D" for standard movements and the space bar to jump. You will NOT move until I tell you to. After your deployment from the dropship you WILL approach Commander Elvers and begin speaking to him using your "F" button. If you can manage to focus for more than 10 seconds you MIGHT see that little radio icon above his head. That means he has something important to say so LISTEN. It will be important for you to realize the "`" key (next to the 1 key) will take you from your FPS combat interface allowing you to do other things such as form squads.

One of the more important features of your interface is the center radial menu. You WILL access it utilizing your right mouse button or I will spend the rest of our glorious time together out of my good graces. ARE WE CLEAR?

Commander Elvers will show you the basics of movement, using your abilities, your mission log, and most importantly crouching. You will use cover at all times when possible to reduce your exposure to enemy fire and keep you alive. I will NOT write your mama and tell her you got your pretty head blown off because you didn't learn this so PRACTICE.

You will SAFELY discharge your weapons at a series of crates until they are destroyed and maintain your fields of fire. I had BETTER see proper weaponry skills or my sensitive pride will be offended and we do NOT want that DO we? Commander Elvers will also instruct you on the basic use of explosives against hardened targets and obstacles. Once you girl scouts have successfully completed his training you WILL proceed immediately to the base camp for redeployment into combat areas.


Against my better judgment the AFS Command says you maggots have been promoted to recruit now. What the hell are you standing around for? Cross that bridge and report to base camp NOW!

Well what do you know, we've got Bane incoming! Recruits! Fan out and lay down fire! Remember your training and you WILL survive! Aim your targeting receptacle at your intended target and click the left mouse button. Use your "R" button to reload and keep an eye on your weapon to see it doesn't overheat. Do NOT hesitate to fire because your enemy won't. Crouch at range to improve your aiming while and use cover where you can.

If your enemy closes in, stand up and face him to keep from taking heavier damage. Using your "F" button at close range will take a swing and in some instances put them on the ground. This is a two way street, if you can hit him that means he can hit you. Don't be the one who swings second. Close combat without advanced training is a last resort but it can save your life.

There is the base camp, move it! The Bane appears to be mounting a full scale assault, so report to the base commander immediately for assignments to defend it. I'm going to take my place on the line. Good luck men! Remember, all the stands between the Bane and the survivors of Earth are you! Well what are you waiting for a hug? Get your assignments and get to your posts NOW!

We thank Gunnery Sergeant York for allowing us to tag along. Be sure to keep checking back for more information about Tabula Rasa right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016