As Global Agenda continues to grow it was inevitable that more server space would be needed. Hi-Rez Studios boosted server capacity today, just in time for a 50% off sale of the game at The additional server space should help optimize gameplay and allow a smoother experience when playing players from around the world. So try the Free Trial and if you like the game pick it up for 50% off this weekend.

“We are excited to launch servers in the Pacific Rim market and to make Global Agenda truly global, as one of the first games to bring players from throughout the world together while still offering the performance expected from a fast-action, multi-player shooter,” said Stewart Chisam, Vice President of Game Operations. “We look forward to continued expansion and growth in the game, and continue to invest heavily in improving and expanding the game as well, as evidenced by our Sandstorm release (Version 1.3), which is coming later this spring and adds significant new content and character progression inside the game.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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