A lot has happened since the last "Behind the Scenes" with Black Prophecy. Since then, the game has found a publisher and announced its free-to-play model, which will use microtransactions to generate revenue. A new edition of "Behind the Scenes" was recently released with gamigo's Patrick Streppel and Reakktor's Kirk Lenke to address some of the concerns and questions players have had about the game. The duo fielded questions relating to concerns about free-to-play games receiving fewer updates than a subscription game and addressed some concerns relating to the microtransaction-based model. Luckily, the devs are going to allow players to experience all of the game's content. It seems that rather than having microtransaction items that give players a specific benefit, it will instead be aimed at saving them time.

That means that you have access all game content, can complete every mission and conquer every player if you invest enough time to level your character up and collect or upgrade all the items needed. This is the case with a number of our other games, because, unlike at other game companies, you've often find players at the top of the rankings that haven't spent any money to get there. Exactly how this will work is still in design, but players that buy items will not gain an advantage, they will just save time. This is especially designed with players in mind that work during the day and therefore don't have time to play for hours each day but would still like to be able to keep up with their friends or their clan.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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