The Content Question...To Instance or Not...

The end game of most MMO's in this day and age is filled with instances. Do they provide enough content for the high level players? Do they fill a content need? Join RadarX as he answers neither of those questions and discuses the advantages and disadvantages of instances.

Many people know that which is the end game. Many people also know that when you arrive at said end game, your choices of content are rather limited. What options do you have? Raiding and instances (which many times intertwine) are the most prominent choice for the adventurer. Most MMO's tend to use instancing as quick fix patches to keep their subscribers happy, but is this enough? Does Joe MMO player really want another level XD6 instance to tide him over.

Keep reading to learn more. How do you feel about instanced content? Let us know right here in the Ten Ton Hammer Forums. Their new and we're waiting to hear from you today.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016