Stieg Hedlund answers a slew of questions on gameplay and design... has posted the first half of an indepth Q and A with Stieg Hedlund. If you're looking for some insight into the design and development of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, keep reading... Many games support guilds by giving them large places to gather. What kinds of tools and resources will Gods & Heroes provide for people who want to form large guilds?

Stieg Hedlund: Our tribe system (guilds) is not unlike most guild systems in many other games; however we have committed a team to working on various upcoming tribe features. Right now tribes have many of the standard features like a ranking system, full-featured control for officers, tribe-chat, and we're even talking about adding some additional tribe features to help us stand head-and-shoulders above the norm. We are building the system with small-to-large scale tribes in mind so it shouldn't be too unfamiliar to those experienced with other guild systems.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016