Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Updated Q&A - Character Customization, Roman Gods, and Combat

GameSpot has a new interview with Stieg Hedlund on their site. In this interview we get an update on the progress of this upcoming MMO.

Most massively multiplayer role-playing games are set in Tolkien-inspired fantasy worlds inhabited by cheery elves, surly dwarves, monstrous orcs, and so on. Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising isn't one of these. The debut game from Perpetual Entertainment is set in the ancient world, and you'll create a Roman character to adventure across a beautiful landscape inhabited by other players and countless enemies. This isn't the familiar ancient world of history as you know it, though, because the world of Rome Rising is full of mythological creatures and the power of the Roman gods themselves. For the latest on Gods & Heroes, we turned to design director Stieg Hedlund. Gods & Heroes is scheduled to launch later this year.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016