If you've been testing Gods & Heroes and been itching to talk about the resurrected title, go forth and discuss my friends. Heatwave Interactive has officially lifted the Gods & Heroes NDA and testers are now free to discuss their experiences with the game. The announcement comes as the team winds up its trip to GDC 2011, complete with a Toga Party.

Additionally, a new developer blog Q&A has been posted with Senior Content Designer Todd Bailey that discusses the challenge of designing the classes for Gods & Heroes. If you're curious to know more about how well the class balance is shaping up or how important minion selection is, be sure to check out the latest Q&A blog for the answers to this and more.

Minion selection is a pretty big deal. I know that from our play experiences there were areas of the game that other developers were struggling to play and someone would say “Oh, that area’s easy” and we’d try to figure out what the difference was, and nine times out of ten it came down to “Oh, I have a high level skirmisher minion, and I’m just ripping these guys up” and everybody else that didn’t have a high level skirmisher minion was like “Ohhh…”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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