A Launch Year Re-introduction to Gods & Heroes

From GDC 2007, Debysue Wolfcale, SOE's Senior Brand Manager for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, offers her thoughts on what Perpetual's next release offers that other MMOs geared for a 2007 release lack. We also have a video of Perpetual Entertainment President Chris McKibbin's overview of the progress made in Gods and Heroes since the press last saw the game in 2006.

"Wolfcale made it clear that "reaching out" to the broader RPG community, beyond even the core MMO types, is a priority for Perpetual. She lamented the fact that MMO devs tend to create games in their own hardcore gamer image, and promised that Gods & Heroes' deeply ingrained storyline is the single easiest and most attractive reason for casual players to lose themselves (by comfortable degrees) in Gods & Heroes."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016