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Yes, it is true that EVE Online is more challenging than most MMORPGs on the market, but don't let that scare you away from trying something new! Even this traditional fantasy genre girl is stepping outside the box and getting her space groove on in EVE Online and Savanja promises you it isn't quite as scary as one might think.

Come with us and find out why doing something different can be a very good thing in the editorial Goodbye Fantasy, Hello Sci-Fi!

To create your character in EVE you'll be going through much of the same process as you would any game. You have your choice of several race options that includes picking a bloodline within your character's race. You have career options which are pretty much just like classes that you might see in other games. You can set your appearance and move around some skills and then you are pretty much set! The only real difference here? You don't see your character from the chest down. Yeah I know, it's a little weird but you ARE inside a spaceship all the time so consider yourself pantsless (ala Zapp Brannigan) and enjoy the freedom!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016