Well known Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning blog TheGreenskin got a unique opportunity recently and was asked by Boom Studios to review Warhammer: Condemned by Fire # 1. They stepped up to the plate providing a detailed description of the comic and impressions of the artwork and story. If you're interested in purchasing a copy for reasons other than a beta key chance, this is review will let you know exactly what to expect.

We’re immediately met by a full-page image that perfectly captures the sense of motion and urgency. As the pages unfold, I found a nice balance of detail and simplicity in the penciling. The silhouette leading-off page 2 is quite nice as well. I also liked the shadow-work.

Overall, I found the colour a bit drab, but it was necessary to give the impression of a miserable environment. There were some nice contrasts as Magnus was standing outside the gate, chatting with those in the gatehouse. It did well to illustrate the warmth and brightness indoors compared to the soggy gloom outside. When he entered the valley, you definitely got the sense that he was surrounded by fog as everything was washed out and pale. A later punch of colour did well to capture the moment.

Head over to TheGreenskin to see the full review.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016