SOE provided a sneak preview to what is coming in GU35 and it's a lot more than the Arasai and Neriak. Changes to PvP the LFG tool, and much more...

Wish your Fae were just a little less sparkly and loveable? Find Kelethin a bit too high up in the trees for your acrophobia? The Arasai are the answer for you. Gone is the loveable and cute nature of the denizens of Faydark, replaced with all the malice a Dark Queen could force into such a small package. With Game Update 35 the Arasai race is now available for evil characters starting in Neriak. The Arasai have a look all their own and this is just a small sample of the options anyone making these characters will have.

Tons of screenshots so go have a look at EQ2 Players.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016