In the beautiful landscape of Tabula Rasa's Pools, you probably wouldn't expect to find much in the way of civilization beyond military installations. We're happy to report that this is not the case and not only will you find ruins of a long gone era but pyramid ruins. Similar to what you'd see in Mexico the pyramid east of the Snakepit marks the Retread Camp where you'll find a simple medic, a teleporter, and tons of missions.

This will be very likely the second area you'll visit providing you with quite a few missions and a decent place to go AFK for a minute. The area around the pyramid is filled not only with large Bane patrols but indigenous species that will snack on your face given the opportunity. Here are the missions available to you near Retread Camp but keep in mind some require you to be level 34:

Weapons Trafficking - This mission begins with Amee Corman at the base of the pyramid around -152, 535. While the Cormans are normally just big fat hippies, this one seems to be a little different. This mission requires you travel to Lamna Armory and collect 5 different types of prototype weapons. You'll basically need to do quite a bit of backtracking to get all your updates so expect to essentially just finish the whole instance at one time.

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This can NOT be a Good Sign

We've got a great guide to Lamna Armory right here!

A Cult Divided - This mission begins with the Hermit on top of his little mountain near -431, 112 and requires the completion of The Thirsty Hermit. This objective is simple enough, he just wants you to go find out more about the Retread Cult. Simply head to the camp, find John McKormic and you'll be rewarded with 3400 credits and your choice of Class VI Advanced Med Packs, Class VI EMP Grenades, Class VI Res Trauma Kits, or Class VI Concussion Grenades.

One Man's Trash - This mission begins with Austin Buckley at Retread Camp around -133, 544 and will require a little gathering. Apparently Buckley wants you to liberate a few Thrax Ammo Crates and Ration Packs if you find any laying around. Told you these guys were hippies.

The Ration packs are procured easily enough from large crates in the Snakepit around -953, 457. The ammo cans are what you will find is quite a bit trickier. You'll need to head to the Thrax Barracks to the north and infiltrate one of the buildings. This is a great time to drop the named for your TOO because he patrols nearby and you'll find the crate you need around 566, 640. Return to Buckley for your reward of 5100 credits and your choice of a Pathogex Bioarmor Helmet, Audiodyne Stealth Armor Legs, Audiodyne Gravitron Armor Legs, or Wellcare Hazmat Armor Legs.

Testing the Pools - This mission begins with Jayson venma at the Retread Camp around -154, 531. He yammers on for a minute about the pollution of some of the water and asks you to hug a tree next time you think about it. Your real objective here is to collect water samples to shut this guy up and it's a fairly simple task for the reward.

Open up your map and you'll find a series of pool objectives you'll need to visit in order to complete this mission. You won't need to do more than simply swim in the pools in question but there are Bane patrols around that would love to take a pot shot at you. Return to Venma when you are done for a reward of 5250 credits and your choice of the following modifications: Critical Hit, Regen Bonus, Armor Piercing, or Light Resistance.

Retread Planning - This is a radio mission which will pop up after you complete One Man's Trash. Impressed with your ability to blend in with the Retreads you are now asked to gather intelligence regarding their activities.

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No One Cleans Up?

I'll admit this mission was a little confusing and fruitless. First go to John McKormick to ask "who," Austin Buckley to ask "what," and finally Retread Ricket to ask "where." All of these NPC's can be found right around the pyramid. After you've completed this use the teleporter to get back to the Hermit on the mountain for your reward of 3300 credits and your choice of a Class VI Basic Med Pack, Class VI Fragmentation Grenade, Class VI EMP Bomb, or Class VI Cryogenic grenade.
Stick Your Neck Out

He'll send you out on a continuation of this mission back to Retread Camp to speak with Amee Corman who will reward you with 3500 Credits and your choice of a Class VI Advance MedPack, Class VII EMP Grenades, Class VII Res Trauma Kit, or Class VII Concussion Grenade.



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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016