One of the most interesting additions to the recent Test server patch has been the addition of the hybrid races which promise players not only additional content to complete but a great opportunity to further customize their class. Join Ten Ton Hammer as we jump and examine this new feature providing not only background but stat differences and screenshots. You won't find this anywhere else!

Many have been waiting with anticipation for an update to the Test sever which promised attribute changes, bug fixes and much more. One of the most exciting additions with Patch 1.4 was the hybrid races allowing players to bring a little more flavor to their playstyle. While information about them has been a closely guarded secret (we know because we've been asking) now that they are available on Test, we at Ten Ton Hammer hopped in to find out what we could. We were fortunate enough to run into a player named Carnage who managed to get all 3 hybrid types made despite the server outage

Read more about the hybrids and get a look at their features right here and stop by the forums where we are discussing them further.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016