If you just imagined a guy dancing in baggy pants and yelled "Stop!" then you went to a dark, dark place like I did. This time we are talking about a real hammer...well ok a virtual hammer. Just get that song out of my head! TenTonHammer sat down with master Carpenter Adeste and discusses how this class is percieved and what could be improved.


What drew you to this class? Why Carpentry over some of the more popular classes like Sage?


What drew me to carpentry is the tangible outcome of my work. In all the other tradeskill classes, you don't end up with something you can place and see and touch and admire. Nothing else results in a physical object added to the world. Classes that make consumables - like spells, poisons, and food - seem very ephemeral to me. Even classes that make equipment for others, such as weapons and armour, aren't as satisfying. An adventurer will wear the item for 10 levels, then sell it to a vendor, and it'll be gone as if it never existed. But furniture is forever, and can be enjoyed by everyone who sees it, not just the wearer.

There is plenty more of this intriguing interview here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016