So whats there left to do in WOW after you experience all the end game content, deck yourself out in legendaries, have had your class nerfed to hell and battleground queues suck on your server? You've ranked up in PvP to the top of your server then ranked yourself all the way back down with 1337 dishonorable kills. Whats left? Oh yeah, you can grind reputation! Wait, what if you've done that too? Well.... then theres only one thing left to do.....

Please, whatever you do, don't follow in this Gnome's footsteps! You may regret it, especially with the new instance coming out!

To read all about Franky's adventures in the Plauge Lands, and his quest to purge the Argent Dawn, please click right here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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