style="width: 210px; height: 396px;" alt="Rawr"
src="" align="left">There
is always something that every person cannot stand:
that car in front of yours who won’t turn off their left turn
signal while
you’re driving down the highway, for example. Each class in style="">World of Warcraft
has their own pet
peeves as well. That annoying Mage who thinks he’s invincible
and tries to tank
an Abomination in Utgarde Pinnacle. Or even worse, a person in your
group who
tell you how to play your class, “You play all
wrong!” Things like these can
make you want to drop your class and reroll a hunter (save the
hunters!). We
still manage to stick through it and continue to play to the best of

attempt to make things easier for the healing classes.
Here I will list, to the best of my ability, things that truly peeve
out healers.

style="font-weight: bold;">1.
The number one peeve that annoys any healer is being
asked for heals. “Heel me PLZ” That’s the
worst! Healers should know how to
heal and when to heal. When someone is constantly asking in chat or in
vent for
heals from these healers, this can truly annoy them into not wanting to
you at all because you are pretty much telling them that they are
ignorant and
don’t know when to heal.

style="font-weight: bold;">2.
Watch their mana! A healer doesn’t like it when they
announce that they are low on mana to the group after a tough fight and
group continues to move on. A healer can’t keep a group alive
without any mana!
It’s hard to sit and drink when the group keeps pulling and
taking damage and we
can’t drink while in combat either. So please, if the healer
needs a moment to
drink some water and regenerate some mana – wait.

style="font-weight: bold;">3.
Another thing that annoys a lot of healers is lazy people
who don’t run back after a wipe and expect to be resurrected.
This normally
happens a lot in raids, PUG raids especially. style=""> Everyone
else ran back. Why didn’t you? This
really only annoys healers who don’t know the person very
well or if it was not
announced that they needed to go AFK while everyone else ran back. The
person who sometimes doesn’t run back can be easily forgiven,
but the person
who constantly or never runs back after a wipe is truly annoying to any
that can resurrect. Also, do not send tells to Druids to battle rez you
in the
middle of a fight. They’ll do it when the time is right or
when asked by the
raid leader.

style="font-weight: bold;">4.
Next comes the people who ask if you’re a healer and then
invites you to a group without even asking if you want to go or where
they are
going. It’s never nice to just assume that the healer wants
to go to every instance;
this can be an issue for tanks and healers mostly. Along with getting
invites, just because they admitted that they are a healer, I sometimes
get tells in the middle of a raid asking if I’d go to an
instance with them. Healers
won’t leave a raid instance to go to a 5 man instance, even
if you bribe them
with lots of gold.

style="font-weight: bold;">5.
To Tanks and DPS, please, please, please understand that
Line of Sight not only effects mobs but other players too! If you get
from a mob and run behind a wall or down the stairs to get away from
it, don’t
be surprised that you’re not getting heals, because stairs
and walls are a true
annoyance to healers. Sure, it’s nice that we don’t
have to be facing the
target we have to heal, but walls and stairs….we hate them.

style="font-weight: bold;">6.
One thing that annoyed me the most in groups is where I’d
be asked to heal for an instance and a DPS would heal for me. Help is
good, if
the tank or someone is about to die, then the healer would be very
But when players in the group are missing only a small amount of HP and
paladin or shaman would start healing for the healer they cannot do
their job
properly. Be prepared to help a healer if you see someone really low on
HP, but
do not do their job for them.

list could go on. Really, it could. These six reasons I
believe are impolite and rude to any healing class within a raid or
group. Not
every healer is good at what they do. My sister, who plays a prot
warrior, can
tell many stories of bad healers she’s encountered.
Don’t assume that all
healers are good, or all are bad. Believe that they know what they are
and help them do their job correctly without getting on their bad side,
remember, healers are the ones that are keeping you alive.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016