Each week, we'll be bringing you the top performing decks from the most recent top level Hearthstone tournaments and some of the world's best players. This week, we'll be doing things a little bit differently, and taking a look at the three decks played by world champion Ostkaka! The World Championship was a blast to watch, and definitely brought some surprises. Ostkaka and Hotform were the only two players to bring Rogue to the tournament, and they ended in the finals. If you want to know what the strongest deck types are right now (according to our champion), look no further!


1) Freeze Mage

Due to its terrible matchup against Patron Warrior, Freeze Mage had fallen out of the meta for some time now. However, with one of its biggest counters gone and a favorable matchup against popular aggressive decks such as Secret Paladin and Face Hunter, this deck is once again being shown some love by the pros. This archetype aims to stall the game out, with combos such as Frost Nova + Doomsayer, and general freeze effects like Blizzard and Cone of Cold. Ice Barrier and Ice Block will also serve to extend the game, until the Mage is able to play Alexstrasza to soften up the opponent's life total before finishing them off with burn spells, and/or Fireballs created from Archmage Antonidas. Ready to bring in the ice age? Here's Ostkaka's deck list::


2) Patron Warrior

Patron Warrior may not be the "deal 60 damage to you all at once" combo deck it used to be now that Warsong Commander has been nerfed, but it's still a strong choice. The deck is now more mid-range focused, but still employs tools like Inner Rage, Whirlwind, and Death's Bite to create a wall of Grim Patrons for your opponent to deal with. Being less combo reliant, the deck is now free to run stickier mid-game minions like Piloted Shredder, as well as late game threats such as Dr. Boom and Grommash Hellscream. The deck fares well against aggressive decks, as well as things like Mid-range Druid. Here is our champion's deck list:


3) Oil Rogue

Oil Rogue used to be a tournament staple, but had fallen out of favor as the metagame shifted. Most players still thought the deck was in a weak spot, but our two finalists proved otherwise. The deck still functions as it always did: fight for board control early, use a Deadly Poison-buffed weapon as well as SI:7 Agent and Backstab for removal, then use Tinker's Sharpsword Oil + Blade Flurry to completely decimate your opponent's board. This is not an easy deck to pilot effectively, which likely explains why so few predicted its success. If you're itching to help prove Valeera isn't only strong in Arena, here's the list Ostkaka used in his championship run:


That wraps things up for this week, but we want to know your thoughts. What decks have you been having the most success with? What archetype is most likely to become the new flavor of the month? Tell us in the comments below!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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