Bill Roper on Hellgate: London

Gamespy has updated their site today with an interview they were able to conduct with Bill Roper, Flagship's CEO.

Back in CES 2007, news broke that the upcoming Hellgate: London would have some sort of MMO-style subscription fee, only to be met with Flagship Studio reps stating that the definitive plans were still "undergoing evaluation." Now, EA and Flagship have officially announced the subscription model, tentatively titled "Hellgate Elite." As Flagship CEO Bill Roper comments, "Some people find it snooty; we're still figuring out the title, we just want something that conveys a premium level of service that sounds cool." With that said, until Flagship settles on an actual title for the service, the use of the word "Elite" is simply Roper's shorthand for "Hellgate's Expanded Online Subscription Service"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016