Hero: 108 began building its popularity with a show on Cartoon Network, but Gamania soon turned their attention to bringing the popular show to the MMOG market with Hero: 108 Online. We got the chance to preview the game earlier this year but it's gone through quite a few changes since then. The open beta recently launched and players from all over can sign up for a free beanfun account and give the game a try. As luck would have it, Gamania has also put together a few prizes for players to have a shot at during the testing phase.

To celebrate the occasion, Gamania will be hosting the “iPad? No, YOUPad!” contest in which a 16GB iPad along with a bevy of virtual prizes will be given away! All players within the United States and Canada who participate and reach level 25 during open beta have a chance to win a 16GB iPad by commercial launch end of summer. (International players will receive virtual prizes).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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