Champions tabletop developer discusses Champions Online among other developments.

In an interview with Superheroflix, Steve Long of Hero Games (developer of the Champions RPG) discusses the involvement between Cryptic Studios and Hero Games. Cryptic (City of Heroes) has purchased the Champions IP from Hero Games and according to Mr. Long can do with it as they please.

"Ultimately, that's up to Cryptic Studios, who bought the Champions IP from us. If they see something they like in our books, they can use it as-is; if they see something they want to change, they can change it. Many things that work really well in RPGs don't "fit" quite so well in an MMO, and vice-versa, so there has to be some adaptation."

While there may be some gnashing of teeth from the old schoolers of Champions (it originally published in 1981), the outward appearence of dare I say "synergies" gives the impression of two companies truly working toward a greater good. This creates a pairing of a well established content development house (Hero Games) with a well established developer of online games (Cryptic Studios). If the two can play off of each other as Long describes, this could create true multimedia gaming. Read the rest of the interview at Superheroflix.

With technologies such as Neutron adding mobile gaming as an option, and the trading card games for EQ2 and World of Warcraft the lines of gaming media continue to blur. But the addition of cards and even the new Series 2 DC Unlimited World of Warcraft figures seem like a natural progression of products for the fantasy and super hero games. What I'm really excited for is the next level of gaming media, namely television, radio and movies that play off of each other to really provide the 360 degree game (not to be confused with XBox 360).

Movies based on games have done their best to destroy that outlet, but a new generation of games backed by billions (with a "B") of dollars gives me hope. Rounding out the idea is Stargate Worlds which is based on a movie but set in time with the television series. The possibilities of intertwining the show with ingame events and rounding out the lore with books while I play the game on my cell phone makes me giddy.

What started as a discussion about Champions, has turned into Medeor's take on multimedia. When will MMORPG stand for Multi Media Outlet for Really Powerful Gaming? Can mainstream movies, card games, podcasts and television shows truly meld with computer gaming? Do the great tastes also taste great together, or should developers stick to their knitting and just make great games? So put down your action figure and head over to the forums to enlighten me.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016