A Hero's Journey Update with Eric Slick from GDC 2007

The community behind the long-in-development title Hero's Journey is among the most resilient in the industry. And now, yon heroes, there's reason to rejoice. Simutronics took some time off to flesh out, sell, and support its world class MMO development solution HeroEngine, and now Simutronics is flush with resources to step-up development on Hero's Journey. Read the exciting details in our latest Hero's Journey interview with Eric Slick!

"With five announced licensees (four were announced just last week), the game-builders responsible for some of the best known MUDs in the industry found themselves increasingly in a middleware-maker's role. But that doesn't mean that Simutronics has forgotten about the well-anticipated fantasy MMO Hero's Journey. >From a high-tech, spacious turnbuckle booth at GDC 2007, Technology Director Erik Slick gave us a quick update on the status of Simutronics' up-and-coming flagship MMO."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016