Towards New Horizons

At Tulga's studio in Phoenix, Arizona, we discovered a diehard team dedicated to the success and long life of Horizons: Empire of Istaria. Discover why CEO / Creative Director David Bowman and his team never gave up on the historically troubled MMO, and learn what invigorating improvements Tulga has in store for Istaria.

"The rest of the staff present in the Horizons live team area this Friday before E3 were nearly as textbook-standard developer office as the stygian lighting; focused and intent on their work, avoiding eye-contact as they traded stabs of wry humor. A game of Axis and Allies was well underway on a nearby table, and dry erase boards covered with arcane messages were as numerous as kung fu posters, examples of game art, and the other incurious scenery of a workaday studio.

Anyone would be impressed by the team's dedication, but why did they stick with the troubled title, rather than packing it in and focusing the team elsewhere? The answer is refreshing: the Tulga team, especially Bowman, is in love with the game's community, and they believe strongly in the game's future."

Get the scoop from our visit to Tulga Games and our extensive interview with David Bowman in the preview section of our TenTonHammer E3 2006 coverage.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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