Worried about that prime piece of Telon real estate you've had your
eye on for 3 months being unavailable to you with the upcoming server
merges? Fear not! Or at least, don't fear yet. Earlier today, Hobart
posted about the possibility of making certain housing development
areas more interesting.


 Just wanted to say we are aware
that with the server merges that there is a potential for the prime
plots in Telon to be highly contested.  We are evaluating all
the plots
and housing areas in the game that are considered of low quality and
looking to make those areas more appealing. The goal is simply to make
more of the existing housing plots in the game more appealing to
players so there is less contention with the current plots.

 Some things we are considering:

-Adding additional riftways to housing islands and other out
of the way housing areas.

-Adding additional outpost features such as a bank, broker,
and crafting stations to these areas.

-Adjusting the plot price and upkeep of those out-of-the-way


addition we will be addressing plot squatting. This is where a player
buys a plot, dumps a large amount of upkeep into the upkeep bank, and
never builds a house.  We are considering making it so that
the upkeep
costs scale up the longer a plot remains undeveloped.

we are considering putting a cap on the number of weeks of upkeep that
can be deposited into an upkeep bank.  The initial thought is
4 to 6
weeks of upkeep.



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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016