Cryptic Studios was on hand at Gamescom to show off their upcoming MMOG, Star Trek Online. IGN got the chance to preview the game and experience some of the gameplay. Starship battles were the first aspect covered as the battle was joined from a third-person perspective. Bridge officers provide certain bonuses that can be utilized during battle and players can actively divert power from shields to weapons depending on the need during battle.

The ship combat takes place in a third-person perspective with the players looking down on their ships at an angle. Standard WASD controls control pitch and yaw giving players 360 degrees of movement while an energy management slider allows players to divert power to their shields, weapons, or engines depending on the tactical needs of the moment. Each ship has four shield facings --front, back, left and right -- and learning how to maneuver within your firing arcs to strike your opponent's weak side is key to success here. You'll also be able to utilize the abilities of your crew members who provide their own special bonuses. The tactical officer aboard the Federation ship, for instance, is able to fire a volley of three proton torpedoes at once.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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