IGN got a unique preview last week of Warhammer Online providing some interesting screenshots and impressions. Discussing High Elves, combat, and other aspects of design they seem to be pretty impressed with what they saw. There was a fairly extensive look at how Public Questing works including the reward system so if you are salivating for a taste of how the game is shaping up, go take a look!

In between our various play sessions, we had ample opportunity to speak with many members of the team and discover all the work that's gone into the game since we last saw it in Germany. There have been loads of improvements across the board, including the addition of some entirely new game mechanics and refinements to existing systems. As it stands now, the game is nearly feature complete and highly polished. Still, Mythic is holding back on announcing an official release date until they're sure the game is as refined as an MMO can be before letting the players jump in and wreck it.

This four page extravaganza can be found over at IGN.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016