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Everything changes, so if we are talking about change, why not make it positive? If there were an award for most improved MMO, EQ2 would likely win it. Nonetheless, Slide takes a classy look at Everquest 2 and what it can still do better.

The process of making something different for better or worse. They always seem to say that change is a good thing even though it's not something that is rarely looked forward to. People, in general, tend to dig themselves into a rut or routine. It's a comfortable place to be. This is the exact reason why players regularly get upset at the developers of their chosen MMOG. Massively multiplayer online games need to change to survive and need to change in order to keep their content fresh so that subscribers will stay with them. It all seems confusing. Why would a company make people upset in an attempt to get them to stay? Well, in the large scheme of things, the ratio of new subscribers to angry "I hate you SOE, I'm leaving you" subscribers are high enough. This holds true if changes are made in good form and fashion that I think Sony has gambled with a time or two.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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