Now that the new talent trees have been posted by Blizzard, and now that the beta is open to check them out ourselves, it's time to look at all the changes. In Wrath of the Lich King there will be many changes to the talent trees, some subtle, some drastic. With that in mind Byron "Messiah" Mudry takes a look at the Paladin Protection tree to provide you an overview of all the changes.

The first of the new talents is Touched by the Light. This is an amazing new talent that is a must have for tankadin's. It has two effects, the first being the most important, it increases your spells damage by an amount up to 30% of your stamina! Where a decent end game pally tank has 1000-1200 stamina right now, this means +300 spell damage, which directly converts to additional threat. This is a great ability that allows our threat to scale as we gear up to take damage, it even has the potential to change our gearing requirements, since more stamina can equal more spell damage. The second effect is that up to 30% of your stamina is added to your critical heals as +healing. While nice, Paladins this far into protection will not be healing much, and will crit even less.

You can find all the details in the In-Depth Look at WotLK Paladin Talents – Protection.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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