18 Man Raids, Lockout Timers, and a Whole Lot More

Today, SOE announced raids will be launched with support of up to 18 players. Additionally, they will be including "lockout timers" to help prevent groups of players monopolizing content. Ten Ton Hammer managed to snag an interview with Vanguard Game Designer, Andrew "Avarem" Krausnick.

Due to the fact that APW will be our first raid dungeon, the goal is to provide content that hopefully a wide range of players can enjoy. Our entrance wing is being tuned towards a more casual or less organized raid group. This isn’t to say that we’re going to make it easy - it will require some coordination and time spent, but before those guilds step foot in any of the other wings they may want to spend some time farming the first few bosses.

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    Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016