Bill Roper is a popular guy these days, not that his time with Blizzard and Flagship didn't make him notorious. He's working on Champions Online discusses with Rerollz progression, why you should play this versus DC Universe, and a lot more. While there were no groundbreaking announcements, it will give you a feel for the direction of the game:

A player’s first impression is key to retention. How are you designing your UI and are you allowing players to customize it?

We’re focusing on making our UI not only intuitive, but also able to handle the complexities involved with allowing players to do as much customization in so many areas of the game. Being able to properly build characters within a system that doesn’t require defined classes is challenging, so our first push has been to create the UI that makes that work. We can then look at how we allow players to create their own custom UI.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016