An Interview with EVE Online's Magnus Bergsson

With around 210,000 players, EVE Online is one of the largest MMOGs on the market, and many expect that the game will continue to expand well into the future. To gain a glimpse into the content in EVE's upcoming expansion, Revelations 2, Ten Ton Hammer phoned Magnus Bergsson, CMO of CCP, and quizzed him on all the new refinements that are scheduled for the update. Get comfortable, because Magnus willingly answered all of our questions, which ranged from the recent Goonsquad debacle to the upcoming enhancements to exploration. Enjoy!

Previously you would run Agent Missions with one agent and built up a sort of 'relationship' with that agent. But when you corporation moved or you join an alliance, you would have to travel up to thirty jumps away to get back to your agent to run missions. Now you can actually move your loyalty points, within boundaries. You can get an agent of significant quality much closer to where you had been working previously. That's a big thing for the people that live in Empire.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016