10 Things You Always
Wanted to Know About GMs But Were Afraid to Ask

Ever wonder about the stalwart souls who rescue you when your
character's stuck in Telon's vast terrain, or who reap vengeance on the
gold seller who just /tell spammed you? We put some questions to Norm
"GM_Volson" Freeman, and his answers provide plenty of insight into
Vanguard's in-game customer service, as well as the secret password
(okay, it's really an email address) you'll need if you'd like to
pursue a career as a GM.

[Ten Ton Hammer:] What is the most frequently
submitted type of

[GM Volson:] The type of petitions we get most can vary greatly. If
there is a known issue that is affecting a large number of our player
base, we will hear about it. If I would have to choose one type of
petition we receive most, it would be regarding people selling their
services for powerleveling and/or in-game gold sales, and reports
regarding players “botting” or

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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