An observant fan on The Secret World forums recently came across a Montreal Gazette interview with Funcom CEO Miguel Caron that reveals a little more information about the upcoming open beta for The Secret World. According to Caron, select players are already taking part in The Secret World’s closed beta, but Funcom hopes to have an open beta available before Christmas (1:40-2:14).

If Funcom does make that target it will be interesting to see how well that plays with the upcoming launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic on December 20th, which is also published by The Secret World's co-publisher, EA.

But don’t get too hopeful, Caron does state that the beta may arrive a bit later, which would stand to reason given that you wouldn't expect to have such a long open beta phase for a game like The Secret World that's scheduled to launch in April 2012. This could also be a simple case of mistaken communication. Either way, stay tuned and we'll update you if more news becomes available.

Caron also stated that The Secret World will retail for around $50-$60 and that the subscription fee will be around $15-$17 per month.

Update: Funcom has responded to the recent interview to clarify open beta and pricing information for The Secret World.

Source: Montreal Gazette

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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