Why start with the letter A in an A to Z look at all things geek, when the letter "B" brings us a much bigger and bouncier subject?

Answering those hard hitting questions and doing painstaking research on taboo subjects at risk of our own health, safety, and spending of 1 dollar bills, It's All GEEK To Me may not be exactly *proud* to bring you the next question in our hard hitting line of fact finding...

So why the obsession? Why can’t we just wait until we get home, out of the office, or at least to a place where no one is likely to see us googling for “topless midget chicks” before we toggle the perv switch?

Because to your average pasty, lonely geek, these are objects of denied worship. We see them all day, around us everywhere - but like a fat kid licking the window of a candy shop, we can’t usually HAVE the objects of our desire. Yet we covet them and hold them sacred much like the ancient Mayans who built the temple that Indiana Jones ran through, but with more obvious giggling at the imagery of “giant boulders”. They are our golden idols, and as much as we devote every moment of our lives to them, they remain tragically out of reach.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016